Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do you think you should dress for church?

How do you think you should dress for church? I would be interested in feedback on this.
I belong to the conservative-holiness movement, and of course. the ladies wear dresses or skirts all the time. We might wear our jean or denim skirts at home, and that is our casual, but you don't wear them Sunday morning. Those who don't belong to the conservative crowd might consider wearing a jean skirt dressing up as they wear pants the rest of the time, and might dress the way we do for Sunday church for a wedding or a very formal occasion. I know some people think it is showing respect for God to dress your best "for Him" on Sunday or for going to church period. Is this necessary to you?
First of all, I am "agin" it--this dressing up!!! For one thing, I feel if you are trying to get folk in that are not holiness-based, they are bound to feel uncomfortable with their wardrobe. We can say, " Oh! come in your jeans--we dont care!"--and we dont!!--but would you be comfortable in our setting if you were that outsider coming in? I dont quite think so. I know some outside people have thought that the church folk were trying to outdress each other. Belonging to the movement my self, I know it is not true most of time, but I can see how it could look that way.
My second bone of contention with it is, I am a hillbilly at heart, and I am not comfortable in dress clothes, and I dread Sundays because of it! I feel I could worship God more freely if I was in more comfortable clothes.
I think we need to be clean and neat--by all means--but why must we be so formal??? I am not talking sloppy. I hate sloppy churches too, but I like a well-run but somewhat informal church where the atmosphere is comfortable. I can worship and feel more free in that kind of a church---please tell me if you know one of those kind around still that is also conservative and spiritual!! I just think this can apply to our church clothes too--clean and neat, informal but not sloppy. I dont think that is disrespectful to God in the slightest. If I am wrong, give me the Scripture, but I am of the opinion that I can "serve him in sincerity and in truth" without my fancy duds!