Sunday, March 8, 2009

Head Lice!!! AAAAA!!!

We were exposed to head lice, and Rebekah got them--and what a battle it has been!! What is sad is that the poor child was itching, and probably had them for a week before I found them. I didnt know what I was looking for, and she has always had a problem with dandruff....but I finally seen them on a Saturday night about 11:30 , so off Shawn went to Walmart! That night we were up til 4:00 treating them, and treating my head as a safety precaution (however, we have never found any on my head, and my mom searched me good!), and then on Sunday, I worked the most I ever had on a Sunday in my life washing bedding and chair covers, etc.... I even completely kept her home for a week so she wouldnt drop a egg I missed on someone else!--and then she treated her head again. We went about a week or so, and guess what??? I found a few nits on her head Friday night again!! Same rigamarole again except I did let her go to church this time as there wasnt many, and as I understand it several people in the church have been getting the nasty things!! Hopefully we got it all this time, as there wasnt many this time, and I found no visible lice.
Any problem I have, I usually research good so I know what I am dealing with. I did the same with head lice, so I want to impart a few facts. Head lice do not like oily, dirty heads--they like clean heads--it easier for them to hang on to the hair. I think where the rumour must have started is when alot of time poor people had them, and the problem was not having the money to treat them, or ignorance. Sorry--lice do not look at your pocketbook before they make a home in your hair!! Viable nits are usually brown, and the white or clear ones are empty shells where the louse has hatched and left. Lice do not jump from head to head, they crawl at the speed of about 9 inches a minute. The major thing you can do to get rid of lice is to comb and comb and comb to get the nits out. The expensive shampoos you buy kill lice but not the eggs! The eggs live for about 2-3 weeks, and that is why anywhere that your head is going to be near needs to be put under heat for about 20-30 minutes. Heat kills lice--water does not. That is why we run coats, bedding, hair things, etc... through the dryer. (I think that maybe where I went wrong--I forgot to do the coats and hats last time!!) It is possible that the mayonaise treatment and kerosene(which can be dangerous) might kill lice, but if you dont get the eggs out you will get them again!! I have heard so many things my whole life about lice and alot was not true, so I thought I would impart my knowledge to you!! lol!!
Wishing you good luck in your life that you will not get them!!