Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey everyone!! Long time, no write!! Been so busy....

The kids are working hard to finish school. That takes alot of time. We have been spending alot of time working on sign language too as there is a lady in nursing home we visit who is deaf. The kids have fell in love with her, and want to be able to talk to her more. Education is a busy business!!
In March, Daniel was in the hospital with pneumonia for a few days.
Rebekah went to a Gaither Vocal Band concert last night. She got a ticket for her birthday, and was totally thrilled with it. She throughly enjoyed herself, and here is few pictures of her with singers she likes.

Here is Rebekah and Michael English--the one that she was the most excited about seeing.

Here is Rebekah and my brother, Matthew with David Phelps.

....and with Wes Hampton.

Well am not in the mood to digress at this moment--just letting all know we are in the land of the living, and sharing the pics! Guess I will catch up on everyone else's blogs at this moment!! Adios!!


Mark said...

Tell Rebekkah I am jealous....not of having her picture taken with Michael English, but of getting to go :-)