Friday, January 9, 2009

Stay Home!!

I went out in this weather tonight to visit a nursing home friend, and when I went in the room her roommate asked me, "How is the weather outside?" I sang to her, "Oh the weather outside is frightful..." Crazy me going out in it!! I crept back to Lisbon at about 20 miles an hour--luckily noone followed me probably because most people were too smart to be out in it), or else they would have been complaining, "Why dont that poor old lady's family keep her home!!!"
Stay home--it's bad out!!


Mark said...

Since you were out doing a good deed, God must have protected you :-)
I sure ain't goin' nowhere!

Sharen said...

Hey Christa, Just caught up on your blog! Very interesting. I'll have to have Ashley read up on your breastfeeding. That is what she is doing, But it's a lot of work for her pumping every 3 hours till the baby gets out of the hospital, but it'll be worth it! I sure agree with it.
I am going to try to do better on my blog, I have just been too busy. I did do a little, LOL

Mark said...

I accidentally rejected your comment - wasn't on purpose :-)
But yes, you are correct about who I was referring to - I heard about the bumper sticker - that was hilarious!