Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas is over...

Well Christmas is over for another year, and a new year has begun.

We had a good Christmas, and a more relaxed one. I just said "no" to some things that just seemed like too much for me, or if I was too tired. Due to low finances for some member of my family, the adults did not buy gifts for each other. It was nice to have an easier financial burden too, and feel free to just enjoy each other.

We went to my mom's on Christmas Eve, and had pizza and pop, read the Christmas story, and the kids opened their gifts, and gave out their dollar gifts for each relative. Alas! Shawn and I were the only ones to get "nothing for Christmas"!! It just killed Shawn--when do men grow up??!!

Christmas morning, we got up, Mom and Dad came down, we all ate breakfast together, and then opened presents.

We then went to Mom's for Christmas dinner, and to Shawn's family later that evening. It was nice. We spent sometime at another one of his sisters the Sunday after Christmas. We had alot of good talks as a family reflecting on the Christmas story.
New Years Eve we spent with a family from church, and had a very nice time.
Now we are plunging headlong into a new year. As always, we hope to do better and be better people than we were in the previous year. I did not make a formal or definite New Years resolution, but I do have quiet plans--hopefully it will be something my friends will notice, but if I fail, you will never know!! lol!!
Happy New Years to all!