Sunday, February 1, 2009

Relaxed Homeschooling!!!

What a beautiful week in Nature! First at the beginning of the week we had a ice storm that covered the trees in our woods in glistening glory, and then a beautiful, white blanket of snow fell over them. We were living in a winter wonderland truly, but ach!! it was so cold!!! BRRR!!

Someone was joking the other day about relaxed homeschooling, so I just had to share this picture.
I used to work once a week taking care of a lady that had a stroke, and could take my kids--this was taken there!!
For the most part, I make my kids sit at a table, but sometimes this happens!! LOL!!


Mark said...

I won't say a word! :-)

Kim M. said...

I love this picture! Your kids will have some great memories!

One of my kids works faster, better, and more effecient if he is listening to something. I do not understand how, but whatever helps him learn. :-)